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    Monday 25th April at 7.30pm at Antrobus House

    The Tennant Family of Wilsford Manor by Ruby Vitorina

    The Tennants built Wilsford Manor at Wilsford cum Lake. Pamela Tennant’s father built Clouds House at East Knoyle and Edward Tennant, 1st Baron Glenconner, was Liberal MP for Salisbury. Pamela and Edward’s children included Edward, the war poet, David who created the Gargoyle Club in London, and Stephen known as the brightest of the bright young people. Pamela Tennant’s grandson Colin famously bought the Island of Mustique and was a close friend of Princess Margaret.

    Entrance free to Amesbury Society members, £3 for guests/non members
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    Monday 28th March, 2.30pm at Antrobus House

    Orkneying: a Saga by Peter Davies

    Orkney - Egypt of the North, a lost and dark Neolithic UK capital. The standing stones of Brodgar and Stenness. Over 200 ancient sites including a dramatic and foreboding cairn. What is the Orkney Pompeii? What is the Italian influence out of Libya? Scapa Flow and WW1/WW2 significance. Four UNESCO historical sites in 1999. The 2003 and ongoing archaeological site? Orkney-based 2021 innovations?

    Entrance free to Amesbury Society members | £3 for guests/non members
    For more information contact [email protected]

  3. Saturday 2nd April, 1200-1700, Antrobus House. Hosted by Sue Duke.

    A captivating and fascinating photographic exhibition that documents my breast cancer journey over two years.

    All photos were taken and produced by my award-winning photographer husband, Shaun, who has great skill in exposing some of the emotions experienced through cancer diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

    We are delighted to use this event to fundraise for our local hospital charity, the Stars Appeal who continue to be instrumental in my journey.

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    Duke - Exhibition Flyer A4

  4. The Lady Antrobus Trust archive was lucky enough to receive a generous donation recently.

    A family bible with the name of Sir Edmund Antrobus inside the cover has recently been donated to the “Antrobus Archive” by Mr & Mrs John Blackmore from Camberley, Surrey.

    The Bible had been in their family for several years, but they did not know how, or why, it was in their possession. It had been found whilst they were clearing drawers and cupboards in preparation to move house.

    They thought that perhaps it had been handed down to them by their parents. All of Mrs Blackmore's grandparents came from either Dorset, or Wiltshire and she wondered if they had acquired it whilst living in the county.

    The Bible has a rather distinguished book-plate inside, showing the owner as 'Sir Edmund Antrobus Bart' Amesbury, in gold lettering on a black ground. It is difficult to know which Sir Edmund was the owner, as there were four Baronets of that name between 1752 and 1915.

    The Bible itself is in very good condition and is an 1823 edition of the “Samuel Collingwood & Co. Old and New Testaments.

    Mr & Mrs Blackmore were invited to visit Antrobus House to have a buffet lunch with the trustees in order to give the Bible to the trustees, which they gratefully received. After lunch, they toured the house and saw some of the artefacts that had belonged to the Antrobus family, including; books, photographs and military regalia.

    The Bible will now be stored in the archive along with other books and papers that belonged to Lady Florence Antrobus.

    Antrobus Bible (1)

    Antrobus Bible (2)

    Antrobus Bible (3)

    Antrobus Bible (4)